Meet Libby!

Meet Libby!

Grand Prize Winner: Angela Miller
You get to name our newest puppy, get a Freedom Paws T-Shirt, hat, wristband, photo shoot shoot with our newest hero and K9 Dark plush toy

1st Runner Up: Jana Dunbar
You get a Freedom Paws T-Shirt, hat, wristband and K9 Dark plush toy

2nd Runner Up: Anthony Cutilletta and Krystal Hasson
You get a Freedom Paws T-Shirt

3rd Runner Up: Gary and Kathy Louie , Melanie Coulter, Jennifer Beebe, and Laura Quinn
You get a Freedom Paws wristband

Angela’s family was the winner and chose the name Libby (short for Liberty). She says Liberty is a fitting name and it’s something we would not have if not for the men and women serving our country.

Angela told us they have a service dog from 4PawsForAbility for their daughter who has disabilities. They also have a son leaving for the United States Air Force soon and they try and thank veterans whenever they see them. Charlies, their youngest son has always wanted to be a police officer and knows all the Chillicothe police officers and K9 Dark.

We are extremely grateful for all who have participated in our naming event which helped us raise just under $900!